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The largest parlour grand piano within the successful Tradition series, the W.Hoffmann T186 model embodies the coveted European acoustic quality. With a well-balanced, durably pleasant and richly coloured voice which stems from the C. Bechstein genes – a quality that is rooted in the great German tradition of piano-making.

C.Bechstein Europe Czech production site is unique on the continent. Its 150 skilled employees work in recently refurbished halls equipped with state-of-the-art technology and make every grand piano using production processes that combine craftsmanship and innovative methods. This investment of time for highly skilled piano makers to refine the instruments makes the difference compared to other manufacturing mass production. For many generations in the Czech city of Hradec Kralove piano making skills have been handed down within families making the art of piano production by C.Bechstein Europe so much more than a manufacturing process. Skill, dedication and precision all result in wonderful pianos from the bohemian heartlands of Europe.

The action of the W.Hoffmann T186 parlour grand piano boasts a wide dynamic range and is therefore perfectly suited for any musical interpretation. The entire instrument is made in the Czech Republic by C.Bechstein Europe specialists, who even voice the German C.Bechstein made hammerheads manually. C.Bechstein Europe has well-trained specialists who know how to make a parlour grand piano with a pleasant sound, simply because piano-making enjoys a long tradition in the region.

Dimensions: Length 186cm Width 153cm Weight 312kg
Available in black, white, mahogany and walnut polished.

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