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W.Hoffmann Professional P114 combines a powerful voice with an extremely compact and contemporary design. Available in black or white high polish finish with chrome fittings, the P114 is a high end yet mid-priced upright piano that will delight even the most experienced players.

The specially engineered soundboard is both generous in size and high in tension, supported by a strong frame and bracing, making this acoustic assembly parallel to high end pianos. The sound produced by a relatively compact piano is extraordinary.

Professional mahogany C.Bechstein hammers with high quality German felt are connected to the pianist through a smooth, responsive action and anti-slip key surfaces with genuine ebony sharps. The W.Hoffmann Professional series is the affordable alternative to the premium Bechstein brand.

Naturally the W.Hoffmann P114 upright can be equipped with the C. Bechstein Vario digital mute system, allowing you to play your W.Hoffmann piano any time of the day or night. The touch of the keyboard is unchanged, but a bar stops the hammers before they hit the strings. Optical sensors digitize the dynamics and convert your playing electronically using recorded sound samples from a C.Bechstein concert grand piano without any long term impact on your precision instrument.

Measurements: Height 114cm, Width 150cm, Depth 61cm, Weight 230kg.

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