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Bechstein B124 Imposant is a pianoforte for demanding piano players: an ideal instrument developed and made by the German C.Bechstein engineers and piano-making specialists. Premium sound acoustic body accompanying a smooth action assembly rewards all pianists to enjoy regardless of calibre.

The Bechstein B124 Imposant model was developed to meet the requirements of the most demanding piano players. This premium upright is made of precious materials that meticulous specialists process carefully at the state-of-the-art Bechstein production site, a facility unparalleled the world over for its perfect mix of traditional craftsmanship and high technology.

A high-performance pianoforte, the Bechstein B124 Imposant piano stands out for its elegant, pure and almost perfect design. The legs have a contemporary look and all the case elements are in harmonious proportion. This pianoforte that masters the softest pianissimo and the most thundering fortissimo alike is not out of place on concert stages. The Bechstein B124 Imposant is a high-class instrument that will surprise you with its precision action assembly and impressive sound volume.

Selected by world leading piano conservatoires for student practice rooms and performances shows you can confidently know the Bechstein B124 Imposant will offer you everything you could desire in a strong, rewarding and beautifully sounding instrument.

The Bechstein B124 Imposant presents players at all stages of musical enjoyment with a German masterpiece that is within reach of anybody looking to invest in a piano for life.

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