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Bechstein B116 Compact is truly a premium upright, made in Germany. Such quality is surpassed only by the masterpieces of the C.Bechstein line. The quintessence of piano-making, the Bechstein B116 Compact upright piano embodies the best of German engineering.

For over 160 years, Bechstein pianos have been leaders in the top market segment. The C.Bechstein expertise and R&D centre has developed manufacturing processes that merge the Bechstein legend with state-of-the-art technology. Exquisite materials are processed with high precision to make instruments of outstanding quality. As a result, the Bechstein B116 Compact upright stands out with its durability and optimal sound.
The Bechstein B116 Compact upright piano offers amazing value for money. Although eminently affordable, it has every feature you could wish for in your dream instrument: a pleasant touch, a beautifully balanced sound, and suitability for all kinds of music. Like all Bechstein uprights, the B116 Compact model upholds the historic brands international reputation for excellence. The Bechstein B116 Compact upright: a legend that moves with the times.

Your Bechstein B116 Compact upright piano can be equipped with a Vario mute so that you can play day and night without disturbing your family or neighbours.

Dimensions: Width 149 cm Height 116 cm Depth 59cm Weight 235kg
Available in high gloss black or white polyester with brass or chrome fittings, along with a selection of wood veneer finishes.


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