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Bechstein B175 grand piano boasts all the characteristics that made the brand famous, and meets the requirements of professional and beginning pianists alike. Built by C.Bechstein in Seifhennersdorf in the German region of Saxony, it features the precise action and the richly nuanced voice that characterise all the Bechstein grands.

The components of the Bechstein B175 grand piano are made using state-of-the-art technology. The final touch, however, is the result of traditional hand craftsmanship: expert piano-makers adjust the keyboard manually and voice every hammerhead by hand and by ear. Even a single note is already music to your ears with this instrument. Bechstein B175: finest quality made in Germany.

Your Bechstein B 175 grand piano can be equipped with a VARIO silent play mute system so that you can play day and night without disturbing your family or neighbours.

Dimensions: Length 175cm Width 152cm Weight 338kg
Available in high polished black and white polished as well as satin or polished walnut and mahogany wood veneers.


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