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W.Hoffmann Tradition T177 is a medium-sized parlour grand piano that makes your daily practice a dream, the T177 model is rooted in the great German piano-making tradition and boasts a sound with distinctively European quality.

The action of the W.Hoffmann Tradition T177 parlour grand piano enables you to express yourself freely and effortlessly. It masters a stunning dynamic range, from whispering pianissimo to thundering fortissimo. Master piano-makers even voice the hammerheads by hand. A durable piano with a differentiated and colourful voice, the T177 model is favoured by music conservatories, just like the other W.Hoffmann grands.

Good quality requires good manufacturing conditions. The W.Hoffmann instruments of the Tradition series are manufactured completely in the Czech Republic by C.Bechstein Europe.

The manufacturing structures are characterized by a high degree of in-house production that even includes the manufacturing of the hammerheads by the German facility. The Czech production site boasts a stunning synthesis between craftsmanship and intelligently used CNC technology. After an investment of more than €15 million, coupled with the integral refurbishment of the buildings, the availability of modern technology and a workforce of 150, C.Bechstein Europe now has a leading European production site. C.Bechstein Europe piano-makers know how to make grands with a pleasant sound that are made in Europe.

Dimensions Length 177cm Width 152cm Weight 310kg
Available in high gloss black or white polyester as well as a choice of walnut and mahogany wood veneers.


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