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W.Hoffmann Professional P188 grand piano echoes the great tradition of the C. Bechstein brand. Surprisingly powerful, it offers accomplished piano players and professional pianists an opportunity to unleash their full artistic potential.

The soundboard of the T188 grand piano has a special design and enthrals even the most demanding players. Like all the grands in the Professional series, this model comes with hammerheads made by C. Bechstein Germany an exclusive feature which helped improve the quality of the sound even further.

The action assembly, especially the professional-quality keyboard, is produced according to C.Bechstein with their own keyboard and action engineering and Geometry standards. The wooden dampers without spoons add to the precision of the touch. This powerful instrument enables advanced players and professional pianists to realize their full artistic potential.

If you want the freedom to play at any time without disturbing anyone, you can have your W.Hoffmann 188 Professional grand piano equipped with the optional Bechstein Vario mute. Compatible with tablets and notebooks, this digital device contributes to expand your musical horizons by allowing you to record yourself, or to accompany existing recordings.

Dimensions: Length 188cm Width 153cm Weight 312kg
All W.Hoffmann Professional series grand pianos are available in an exclusive high polish black finish with chrome hardware and silver colour iron frame. The ultimate contemporary styled professional grand piano.


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