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C.Bechstein B212 is a performance grand piano for connoisseurs. Hand made in Germany.

The engineers in the C.Bechstein R&D department developed the exceptional B 212 grand piano in close dialog with numerous pianists and conservatory teachers. Many features of this wonderful instrument are similar to those of the C.Bechstein C234 and D282 concert grands.

The C.Bechstein B212 generates unrestricted playing pleasure and is the ideal everyday companion of professionals and advanced amateurs in search of the very best. This concert series grand piano is suitable for recitals and is frequently found in conservatories and private music rooms.

The manufacturing processes of the C.Bechstein B212 grand piano include secrets gathered by the C.Bechstein piano-makers since 1853, as well as the latest discoveries of their R&D department. Perfect mastering of the tensions within the acoustic assembly imbues each instrument with its own distinctive personality. The soundboard of a C.Bechstein masterpiece reacts like a vibrating acoustic membrane and transforms the tones into long-lasting pleasures that unfold like blossoms. Moreover, the cast iron frame was redesigned to optimize both the sound duration and the acoustic energy. The pin block features nine layers of high-quality wood ensuring extra-precise regulations of the tuning pins and long-lasting tuning.

At the German C.Bechstein manufacturing site, the high in-house production depth ensures the high quality of all piano parts, including the hammerheads. This is why the C.Bechstein B212 concert series grand piano boasts such a professional, high-precision action assembly.

C.Bechstein B212 is a magical instrument with a wonderful, subtle touch and a noble, transparent and richly nuanced voice.

Dimensions: Length 212cm Width 154cm Weight 416kg
Available in high polish black or white polyester as well as a selection of walnut, mahogany and other special wood veneers in a traditional or classical cabinet style.

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