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C.Bechstein L167 baby grand: a genuine masterpiece

The C.Bechstein L167 has always been considered the best baby grand piano ever built. Despite its relatively small size, this professional baby grand piano enables you to express any musical idea brilliantly. The C.Bechstein L167 boasts all the features of the larger models, including a duplex scale, as well as a pleasant touch and an amazing sound resonance. This explains why itÂ’s considered worldwide the most professional baby grand piano, with the finest voice.

A living legend, hand-made in Germany

The C.Bechstein L167 baby grand is backed with a long tradition, as it descends from the Model L (short for Lilliput) built before World War II. Thanks to their outstanding sound which results from unique manufacturing concepts, the instruments developed by C.Bechstein in recent years have revived the golden age of piano music. As the C.Bechstein R&D department continuously optimizes the materials and production processes, each C.Bechstein piano is a masterpiece with its own sound personality, a jewel born of months and years of manufacturing in a facility that implements a wealth of craftsmanship. The magic of the sophisticated voice that has charmed generations of great musicians is not chance, but the result of more than 160 years of experience in building high-end uprights and grands.

C. Bechstein combines this brilliant tradition with the requirements of modern pianists. While numerous artistic directors of festivals and music halls rave about the comeback of the great grand piano tonality, today pianists praise the smooth, precise and sparkling touch of instruments in C.Bechstein Masterpiece class. C.Bechstein L167 baby grand piano: a delight for all your senses that will inspire you day after day.

Dimensions: Length 167cm Width 153cm Weight 318kg
Available in high polish black or white polyester as well as a selection of walnut, mahogany and other special wood veneers in a traditional or classical cabinet style.


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