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Bechstein B160 is for you if you desire a top line grand piano but have only limited space at home. With evenly balanced registers and an accurate action, it delivers a colourful sound, rich in overtones. Even and especially if your taste is discriminating, you can count on the Bechstein B160 grand piano to guarantee your playing pleasure.

The Bechstein B160 grand was developed with C.Bechstein expertise and R&D centre located in the Seifhennersdorf factory in the Saxony region of Germany. Made in Germany using high-quality materials and advanced production processes. Try it and you will feel and hear for yourself: playing and listening to the Bechstein B160 grand piano is a delight for all the senses. You will not be able to resist its rich voice and the unrestricted playing pleasure it offers.

Although just 160 cm long, the Bechstein B160 delivers a voluminous sound. For silent playing day or night, without disturbing your family or neighbours, it is available with the optional VARIO silent play mute system.

Dimensions: Length 160cm Width 151cm Weight 312kg
Available in high polished black or white as well as walnut and mahagony wood veneers either as polished and satin.


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