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C. Bechstein Brochure 6.9Mb
Bechstein Brochure 4Mb
Bechstein Vario Brochure 660k
W. Hoffmann Brochure 4.4Mb
Zimmermann Brochure 2.4Mb
Steinbach Brochure 1.1Mb
Waldstein Brochure 1.1Mb
Bentley Digital Brochure 230k
Bentley Piano Specifications Brochure 1.1Mb


About Intermusic

Intermusic was founded in 1986 and has been a leading distributor of acoustic pianos in the UK and Ireland for the past 27 years. We expanded into general musical instruments in 1992 including digital pianos, guitars, stringed instruments, Brass and Woodwind and percussion. We strive to offer our customers the best possible service as a distributor of leading brands in the music business. Intermusic is based in Poole on the south coast of England.

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